Making your health our priority, we manufacture High Quality wood pressed oils, Ghee, Honey, Jaggery powder and other food products  using  Top-notch home grown farm fresh Raw materials. We believe that Quality of the products depends totally upon the type of raw material used there is also 2x times price difference between the Low grade old raw material and High grade Farm fresh Raw Material. We use the High grade farm fresh Raw material yet sell our products at affordable price that makes us stand apart  Highlights us for better when compared to other brands.

We also Provide personalized experience through ‘we crush in front of you!’ and for those who buy through online they will have the access to scan the QR Code in their oil bottles to see the Live Manufacturing of their oils. We believe that Transparency is the best policy ☺

Known for our premium quality 100% organic products, safe packaging and maintaining utmost hygiene, we assure of delivering a happy experience, serving our families with traditional blend of natural and fresh flavors to your meals.

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