Wood pressed Mustard oil

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Mustard oil is believed to improve appetite. Being one of the most used oils in Indian kitchens, we produce it with the utmost care by sourcing mustard seeds from farms that grow it organically. The goodness of mustard oil is abundant, it is necessary to make it authentically. Get our mustard oil and you will be a fan of the quality.
  • Nutrient-rich

    Helps cure cold

    Pure mustard oil is often used as a natural remedy to treat cold symptoms.

  • Nutrient-rich

    Relief from Joint Pain & Arthritis

    Omega-3 fatty acids in mustard oil help to ease stiffness and pain caused due to arthritis

  • Nutrient-rich

    More shelf life

    Naturally has a higher shelf life. Acts as a natural preservative when used in pickles.

  • Nutrient-rich

    Heart friendly oil

    Increases good cholesterol levels and decreases bad cholesterol levels. It has zero trans fat.

  • Nutrient-rich

    Acts as a Stimulant

    It stimulates the sweat glands in our body and also increases blood circulation.

  • Nutrient-rich


    Relieves and Rejuvenates overworked, stiff, and stressed muscles

  • What is the shelf life of oils?

    A-Coconut oil lasts for 8 months

  • How long will my order take?

    All orders usually shipped within 1-2 working days. So you can expect delivery between 5-7 days

  • All orders usually shipped within 1-2 working days. So you can expect delivery between 5-7 days

    Refined oils are colourless, odourless and flavourless fluids. The regular refined oils are extracted using solvents and grinding them at high speed, which can generate heat up to 100°C, which degrades the oil's taste and nutritional composition. Trans fats are produced in this process, making them unfit for your heart.
    Cold pressed oils are extracted through pressing of oil in steel machine which will produce higher temperature of 70-80°C..That is 40% higher than the heat produced by wooden pressed oil machine while making wood pressed oil..
    While our wood-pressed oils are extracted through pressing and grinding of seeds below a temperature of 45°C. Though it is a slow and time-consuming process, they retain their natural flavour, aroma, and nutritional value. They are high in antioxidants and vitamins and contain good fats for a healthy heart.


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