What we do?

We produce organic ingredients like old times to provide a wholesome food experience

Commercially processed honey

  • Blended, Heated & refined at High temperature
  • Processed
  • Added sugar
  • Lack of Nutrients
  • Less Density

Natural Raw honey

  • Unaltered Present in it’s original form
  • Raw & Unprocessed
  • No added sugar
  • Rich in Nutrients and Anti-oxidants
  • High density(1 lit Honey weighs-1.4kg)

Refined sugar

  • Damages immune system
  • Refined using Sulphur
  • Empty calories & has no Nutritional value
  • Bad for health
  • Sugar interferes calcium absorption
  • Doesn’t help in digestion

Jaggery powder

  • Improves immunity
  • Naturally made without any chemicals
  • It contains iron, calcium, phosphorous & potassium
  • Good for health
  • It helps in calcium absorption
  • Boost metabolic rates

Other Ghee

  • Harmful chemicals
  • Added preservatives

Jyothi’s Pure ghee

  • No chemicals
  • No Adulteration
  • Grass-fed cows
  • Cruelty-free
  • Lab tested

Know us better

Who are we?

We Jyothi’s hail from understanding the goodness of producing healthy food products since 1969. Our vision is to manufacture wood pressed oils and food products naturally and healthily through a well-planned process. From the beginning to date, we have been able to adapt to the mission of serving 8000+ active customers by prioritizing their well-being.

What we do for you?
  • Best Quality

    Top quality is what we produce

  • Best Quality

    Natural path is what we walk on

  • Best Quality

    Chemicals & preservatives are what we hate

What we produce?

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